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MOBA Introduction
Guardians of Middle-earth is an upcoming free-to-play MOBA. What is a MOBA? The acronym stands for Mobile Online Battle Arena and it is a competitive team-based strategy-action game genre that emerged from Defense of the Ancients. Games like Dota 2 and League of Legends have popularized the MOBA, and there is a ripe and fun experience in this fast-paced and transforming genre.
The Basics

The Battlefield of Middle-earth
While Guardians of Middle-earth conceptually is easy to learn, the strategy game hides a lot of depth. The battlefield itself is a complex system that awards players familiar with Shrines and map awareness the power to overcome their enemies.
The Battlefield

Class Warfare
As a team-based battle, Guardians of Middle-earth relies on smart teamwork and a group of players each falling into important roles. The class system allows players to take control of characters with a specific approach to battle. Be it Tactician, Defender, Warrior, Enchanter, or Striker, every role is important in the battle for Middle-earth.

In Guardians of Middle-earth, players take on more than the persona of Gandalf or Sauron, they create their characters anew every match. With advanced loadout options, players can react to their enemies and personalize the stats and powers of their characters. You can make your Guardian your own.

The Guardians
The stars of the show. The Guardians of Middle-earth features some of the famous, and infamous, cast of Lord of the Rings. Take control of a powerful wizard or a conniving and stealthy minion of Mordor. With more than twenty playable characters at launch, a bounty of experiences are waiting for those eager to experiment with an assortment of Guardians.
Notable Guardians:


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