Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions have just announced a brand new Survival Mode and unique map for Guardians of Middle-earth! Check out the press release details and trailers below!

The new Survival Mode enlists a one to five player co-op in intense combat in the Glittering Caves nestled deep in the White Mountains. Teammates must rely heavily on each other to fight and survive waves of enemies with increasingly destructive power. Players must defend their towers, fight enemy control on the field and defeat boss waves to complete new challenges. Rally your best troops in a mission to perfect team composition, strategy and loadouts, while taking on a deadly swarm of enemies.

In addition, gamers can play on the one-lane map with the new Goblin-town map skin, which lands players into the dark tunnels within the Misty Mountains, near the dwelling of the Witch-king.

PlayStation Network players will have the opportunity to go head to head with the Guardians of Middle-earth development team in a special Sony “Play with Dev” session on Friday, March 1 from 5-8pm PT. Guardians of Middle-earth is free to PlayStation Plus members until March 4.

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