• Special K1979

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    March 7, 2013 by Special K1979

    Guardians of Middle Earth (GOME) is a great game but easy to become frustrated if you are the can't lose type of person. There are so many players joining since it began and it is easy to get overwhelmed by dominant players that seem to whip you fast. That being said, don't give up. By level 12, you'll have more options on how you can play and will be much more interesting by then. I'd recommend playing at least until then to decide if you like this game or not. Now I will give my list of tips to the newer players out there (Noobs):

    1. Tower hug dont get too far from the towers as you gain experience from the kills it makes if you are close enough, and the opponents will likely try to avoid the tower unless their soldiers are distracting it…

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